Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Science relates to the enquiry of human mind to understand Why and How of natural phenomena. Scientific advances and research have made possible to unravel the mysteries of Nature. Invention of technology is also the outcome of underlying science. Science and technology besides diverse and highly important applications in different areas have also made our life so comfortable through electronics, communication and rapid transport. Due to the National Policy to promote basic science and Research and Development, new opportunities have been created and new institutions of higher learning in science e.g. IISERs have been set up. Students in good number converge to college for science courses and find science as a route to highly successful career full of contentment.

Eligibility Conditions for B.Sc. :

1. Pass in SSCE (10+2 standard) of Board of School Education, Haryana, Bhiwani with English as a subject or pass in an examination recognized by KUK as equivalent to above.

2. Minimum 40% marks in aggregate in qualifying examination.

3. Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics are compulsory for admission to B.Sc. Non-medical/Computer Science/Electronics. Biology is compulsory for the candidates seeking admission to B.Sc. Medical / B.Sc. Biotechnology.

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